Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting

Concrete Cutting / Hydro Demolition
We have recently taken delivery of a Hughes D1500-40 Ultra High Pressure Unit, giving us the capability of up to 40,000psi of pressure, which is more than sufficient for mass removal, or concrete cutting. This is an ideal alternative to other methods of cutting, especially where environmental requirements are at a premium, or stress fractures may arise from traditional methods. The Hughes 1500 Series is of an even higher specification than that shown in these illustrations.

UHP Demonstration Results

Demonstration: Remove Bitumen coating from concrete deck with no damage to concrete.
Location: Rochester Bridge, 22 July 2000
Equipment: Hughes D1000-40 ultra high pressure water jetting operating at 2,750 bar @ 15 lpm (40,000 psi @ 3.3 gall/min)
Using a Hammerhead jetting gun with a three tip nozzle holder rotating at 5,000 rpm all deposits were successfully removed even in the 'troughs' of rough concrete. Previous attempts by mechanical means and using 800-1000 bar jets were unable to remove all bitumen without damaging sound concrete. Extremely low water flow rates leading to very little splash back enabled work to be carried out in close proximity to traffic without the need for extensive sheeting/barriers.

Demonstration: Expose reinforced bars in concrete piles
Location: Ashford, Kent, 22 July 2000
Equipment: Hughes D1000-40 UHP water jetting unit operating at 2,750 bar @ 15 lpm (40,000 psi @ 3.3 gall/min)

The combination of very high pressure and very low flow rate enable extremely accurate cuts to be achieved due to the low reaction force and good visibility for the operator. Production rates were considerably higher than that achieved with a competitors 2,300 bar/20 lpm high powered unit that had been used previously.