Company History

The company was set up in March 1984 by the current proprietor, Gary Todd. Initially operating as a commercial vehicle valeting and cleaning operator, it soon became clear that there were substantial opportunities for growth throughout the area of specialised cleaning. By a professional approach, an understanding of customer requirements, and a commitment to high quality work, the company soon began to win a number of prestigious clients.

From a turnover of a mere £3,258 in the year to February 1985 the company has consistently grown, even throughout the recession, to current levels where turnover is approaching £1,000,000 per annum, and the value of equipment owned is in excess of £400,000 as at March 2000, and will rise to in excess of £600,000 during 2000/01. The Company operates a continuing programme of plant investment, so that we are in a position to offer the most up-to-date equipment available.

The area of activities has expanded well, although the company has been involved in specialised cleaning activities in the paper industry for several years. The company now employs around twenty direct employees, with a small office team administering the business. Gary Todd maintains a very much hands-on approach to the company, and is as likely to be found up to his knees in paper waste with a jetting lance in his hands as in the office discussing contracts and tendering. In addition to the direct employees and the office staff, a range of outside professionals are engaged to cover areas of insurance, law, taxation etc...

The company has grown beyond all recognition from early years, but the same commitment to a professional, expert and personal approach remains.

Over the past twelve months, the company has been reviewing its medium term corporate strategy, and has decided that there are a number of potential opportunities for further expansion, both within the UK and into Europe. In spite of the growth shown over recent years, and in spite of the local and world-wide economic recession, the management of the company is more optimistic about the future of the company than at any time in the past.

A reflection of this confidence is the move to larger premises in the Summer of 2000, to a unit approaching three times the size of the company's previous one. Aqua Industrial now has four freehold units. One is occupied by Aqua Industrial and is the administrative headquarters as well as the workshop facilities; the other three are on informal leases. Aqua Industrial also has storage facilities within the sites of some of its major clients, where key items of plant are placed to reduce response times.

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