Prestigious Clients & Contracts

The Paper Industry
The Kent paper industry has represented an important element of the company's business for a number of years, and now we carry out specialist cleaning operators in seven Kent paper mills. Although the demands of the paper industry are somewhat unique, the ability to react quickly, efficiently and effectively to clients' requirements applies consistently throughout all areas of industry.
During machine closures we have teams of up to twenty operatives utilising up to a dozen steam cleaning units, as well as other specialised items of plant, working together during shutdown maintenance periods. Our specialist knowledge of machine closures, and the ability to work as an effective team unit under substantial pressure gives benefits to clients, whatever the nature of the problem.

The Power Industry
Aqua Industrial has carried out works for a variety of power producers; Powergen, British Nuclear Fuels and Grovehurst Energy being the principal ones. The works carried out at the nuclear power station in South East Kent involved a two and a half year deep clean contract which involved keeping the entire plant to a very high standard of cleanliness, and adherance to a strict cleaning programme. There were also a number of addidtional cleaning works carried out during the course of the contract, as well a closed circuit shot blasting contract involving pressure valves on the reactor roof (at a height of in the region of 40 metres). The total value of the contract over the course of the two and a half years was in the region of £600,000.

Painting Works at Rochester Bridge
The company has been involved in maintenance painting of the Old Rochester Bridge which crosses the River Medway between Rochester and Strood in Kent for the past seven years, and last year carried out a major redecoration of the whole of the upper structure of the Bridge.
The Bridge is a historic landmark, being the oldest crossing over the River Medway, and dating back several hundred years. It is maintaining by Royal Charter, via the Wardens of the Rochester Bridge Trust, and is a landmark of substantial local significance.

Carrying out works of this nature in the immediate vicinity of public highways, and regularly carrying out lane closures, means that Aqua Industrial are fully conversant with Chapter 8 of the Road Traffic Regulations governing public highways works, and have the in-house ability and equipment to oversee all aspects of road works and protection of both operatives and public during traffic restrictions.

Marine Decoration Works - repainting the Hoverspeed Seacat
This contract, although relatively small in terms of job value, representing an interesting challenge to the company, since the repainting of this cross-channel catamaran ferry had to take place whilst the vessel was in the water in between ferry crossings. Hoverspeed could not remove the ferry from service, so there were no dry dock facilities, and all works had to take place during the middle of the night, when the ferry was berthed at Folkestone. This raised a variety of challenges from the point of view of applying paint and also maintaining a high level of safety. This was the first contract on which the full time attendance of a company qualified HSE2 safety diver was required.
In spite of the difficult conditiojns in which the works were carried out, the job was completed to programme, along with an extremely high level of quality. At the time, the vessel was the flagship of Hoverspeed's cross channel catamaran fleet.

Runway Cleaning - London City Airport
Busy airports suffer from a build-up of rubber deposits which could become a substantial problem over time. Our plant can cope with this, and a recent contract carried out at the London City Airport showed just how effective this can be.
This is a highly specialised form of cleaning, and few companies have the in-house technology and equipment to successfully undertake this type of work