Our Services

Pipe & Sewer Cleansing
At the head of the Aqua Industrial fleet of plant are the three Vactor pipe/sewer cleansing vehicles. Designed for both municipal and industrial applications, these multipurpose units are capable of collecting both wet and dry items such as bricks, bottles and compacted waste. The units have high pressure jetting capabilities of up to 360 litres per minutes at 136 bar (79 galls/min at 2,000psi), and high airflow suction up to 4,260 m3 per hour (2,500cfm) and 15" Hg (450 mbar) vacuum. Each unit is custom built to our own high specifications.

CCTV Surveying
We have one of the most sophisticated closed circuit camera survey systems available today. Operating in full colour with automatic self-focussing and mountable on a tractor unit attached to an umbilical cord allowing up to eight hundred metres of travel, the camera unit itself allows surveying of drains and other areas that many other units could not even approach. The unit is connected a reprographic printer which allows colour prints of any still during the course of a survey, and all surveys are accompanied by a colour videotape recording, and a full survey report, as well as colour reprographic prints where appropriate.

Ultra High Pressure Water Jetting
For information on UHP, see the dedicated section here.

Drain Cleaning
Our jettting equipment, in combination with the Vactor Units / Vacuum Tankers and high flow/high pressure equipment, enables us to carry out efficient and speedy drain cleaning services. In conjunction with our CCTV and video equipment, our drain opertaions can be dealt with in-house from assessment of requirements to completion of any necessary remedial works. We have carried out a good deal of work for British Telecommunications in this field over the past two years, throughout the county. We were also involved in gulley cleaning during the completion of the A34 Newbury by-pass.

High Pressure Water Jetting
Aqua Industrial has a wide range of high pressure water jetting equipment. Both high pressure and high flow options are available as required by a particular task, and our unique jetting lorry combines the best of both worlds offering pressures up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) and flow rates of up to 50 gallons per minute (225 litres per minute) from its two pumps. Our latest addition is a Hughes series 1000 pump unit which offers pressures up to 15,500 psi (1,072 bar). The wide range of jetting equipment in excellent repair, ensuring maximum reliability. In the paper industry, as well as others, the ability to deliver the promised service is of the utmost importance, and it has been our ability to react to clients' needs that has been a keystone of our success. All of our high pressure jetting activities are carried out in accordance with the Water Jetting Association Contractors Code of Practice.

Steam Cleaning
The business was founded on steam cleaning, and this still represented a fundamental part of the overall business. The company policy is to replace steam cleaners on an annual basis, which again allows us to offer the best and most reliable service possible. The company currently operates 12 steam cleaning machines, and these are applied to a number of different tasks. All of our direct staff are trained and qualified in the use and safety of these machines, many with in excess of ten years experience.

Masonry Cleaning
Chemical masonry cleaning and graffiti removal is one of the more specialised areas of activity in which Aqua Industrial operates. A number of masonry cleaning operations have been undertaken within the UK including the cleaning of the exterior of hospitals and school buildings. An understanding of the nature of chemicals required, together with the appropriate equipment means hat Aqua Industrial are in a position to offer a full appraisal of what is required, as well as a thorough and professional job.

Industrial Coatings
The company has developed an expertise in specialist and industrial costings. Resin floors, anti slip flooring, and industrial painting all represent a significant portion of the company's activities. Anti slip flooring has been laid in a number of different sites, and several prestigious painting contracts are outlined in the contracts section.

Abrasive Blasting
Abrasive blasting operations have been a feature of the activities of Aqua Industrial since the early days of the business. We are highly skilled in silica-free sand, bead, grit and chilled iron aggregate blasting, and have the equipment and operatives to carry out most blasting activities. The summary of principal clients and operations lists some of the blasting activities that have been carried out by the company over recent years. In addition, wet slurry blasting is carried out where the minimisation of dust contaminating the environment is an issue. There are also specialist coatings to cope with the problem of dust contamination.

Our Services on offer are constantly increasing. This page will soon be updated to show our latest services. Please Check soon.